Noun Clause Links

This is a PowerPoint slide show created by the ILC staff explaining how to use Noun Clauses using “THAT”.

This page explains noun clauses clearly. It gives several example sentences for noun clauses. You can learn noun clauses easily. The important points of the topic are ordered. The explanation for the topic is in Turkish. Also, the site gives the meanings of sentences in Turkish.

This site includes short information about noun clauses, but there are a lot of example sentences for reinforcement. That normal sentences are changed into noun clause sentences is the best feature of this site. The site provides the meanings of sentences in Turkish.

This is a video from Youtube. If you want to listen to the topic from a teacher, it may be a good option. He uses chapters in films as examples, and he gives a lot of sample sentences for improvement in this topic. Expressions which the teacher uses to explain the teaching topic are in Turkish.

This site includes practice to enhance your knowledge of noun clauses. It has 10 exercises that let you combine sentences with noun clauses.

This page has one intermediate level quiz, in which there are 10 questions related to the question words used in noun clauses.

This site has 12 exercises to practice noun clauses. The explanation of the exercises is in English.