Online Study Links

The ILC has selected these English practice links as useful for ITU prep students.  There are many more English language learning sites online, so if you know a good one, please let us know!

Grammar Diagnostic Tests
Diagnostic tests are useful to understand WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW. When you do this, you can more easily find resources to study those topics.

Beginner Diagnostic Test 1
Beginner Diagnostic Test 2
Intermediate Diagnostic Test 1
Intermediate Diagnostic Test 2
Intermediate Diagnostic Test 3
Intermediate Diagnostic Test 4
Diagnostic Tests for Adjectives and Modifiers
Diagnostic Tests for Adverbs
Diagnostic Tests for Agreement (Subject-Verb, etc.)
Diagnostic Tests for Articles
Diagnostic Tests for Conditionals (If clauses)
Diagnostic Tests for Connectors (FANBOYS, etc.)
Diagnostic Tests for Gerunds (V-ing)
Diagnostic Tests for Infinitives (To + V1)
Diagnostic Tests for Modal Verbs
Diagnostic Tests for Passive
Diagnostic Tests for Relative Clauses
Diagnostic Tests for Reported Speech, Reporting Verbs, and Noun Clauses
Diagnostic Tests for Past Tenses
Diagnostic Tests for Prepositions
Diagnostic Tests for Present Perfect Tenses
Diagnostic Tests for Present Tenses
Diagnostic Tests for Pronouns
Diagnostic Tests for Punctuation and Capitalization
Diagnostic Tests for Confusing Word Pairs
Oxford University Press Online Diagnostic Tests (three levels)

General Grammar Sources
Try the Diagnostic Tests above first if you don’t know what topic to study. Comprehensive site for practicing all types of grammar at all levels. Lots of examples, clear explanations, and quizzes. A useful site for practicing verb tenses, but also has other grammar topics. Quizzes covering grammar, usage, and vocabulary for all levels. Grammar practice for improving writing. Follow on twitter for daily practice! Many interactive quizzes on a wide variety of language features. More interactive language quizzes.

Specific Grammar Topics

  Present Perfect Tense
  Relative Clauses and Reducing Relative Clauses
  Noun Clauses 

Reading A great site for improving your reading skills. If you create an account, it will follow your progress and give you gradually more difficult texts/questions. Available for mobile devices so you can study on the bus. Strongly recommended! 365 reading texts, one for each day of the year, that get gradually harder. Each one has vocabulary check questions, comprehension questions, and includes audio to listen while you read. A selection of reading texts at all levels, with comprehension check questions.
LitToGo A free collection of stories and poems in PDF and mp3 format. Each reading passage and audio file can be downloaded so you can read/listen with your mobile device.
Voice of America Learning English VOA has intermediate level short texts with listening related to the current news of the world.


Quizlets for prep students The ILC has gathered together quizlets related to the YDY coursebooks as well as the Academic Word List. Quizlet is a useful vocabulary study tool with a lot of flexibility and options, with mobile apps and a desktop site.
News on the Web Corpus A corpus lets you search through a huge data source for sentences that use a specific word or phrase. A corpus shows how words are used in natural language sentences. A fun site to gradually improve your vocabulary. Duolingo includes useful daily life vocabulary in a lot of different contexts. Requires a membership.


Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary A useful dictionary for lower-level students of English, because it provides short and clear definitions. It also includes example sentences and pronunciation of the words.
Longman Dictionary A great site for word learning. You can find the explanations of the words in English, you can listen to the pronunciations of the words in British and American accents, and you can reach a lot of example sentences from the Corpus at this site. Also, you can learn the word family of the word which you are researching.
Macmillan Dictionary The site includes definitions and synonyms for words. You can reach word forms in almost all tenses and related words. The definitions and pronunciations are both British and American. If you look up a verb, you can learn what kind of verb (transitive or intransitive) it is too.
Cambridge Dictionary The site is very useful for improvement of word knowledge. You can choose an English-only dictionary or an English-Turkish dictionary. Also, there are some sentences for reinforcement. You can listen to the pronunciations of the words in British and American accents and learn the sort of verb (transitive or intransitive). You can find the present participle, past tense, and past participle forms of verbs.
Dictionaries All of these dictionaries listed on their own page.

Speaking & Pronunciation

English pronunciation problems common for Turkish speakers Find a sound that you have problems with, open the examples and record yourself saying the words. Use a site like to hear the correct pronuncation and compare. Many sample English conversations in text and audio form. Listen/read and then practice with a partner. A great pronunciation dictionary. Listen to various people say the same words. Use this site to check your pronunciation of a word or a set of similar words. Available for mobile devices.
Train your accent A site for English accent training and conversational English practice. Listen/read and then practice to improve your spoken voice.
Speech Accent Archive (English) Listen to hundreds of different English accents from around the world.
Say large numbers Type a number and see it written in text. Use the site with a friend to test each other or practice together.
Numbers in English A useful list showing how numbers in many different forms (money, years, fractions, etc.) are pronounced. Use any image you like to record yourself talking about it for one minute, and then save or share. Also available for iOS devices.
SpeakEnglish App A mobile app (free to try) that helps you improve your pronunciation. It reads a phrase to you. You repeat the phrase and record yourself. Play your recording back and compare your pronunciation.


Many of the speaking/pronunciation activities are improved if you record yourself and then listen to yourself to check and practice. These are two free recording tools, but you can also use the recording app on your mobile.
IELTS Speaking Exam Overview & Strategies These are audio programs that cover the important points of taking the IELTS Speaking Exam. An Istanbul-based organization for meetups to speak English. Information in Turkish.

Writing An excellent site for practicing the mechanics of academic writing. Fix your problems with fragments, parallel structure, and comma joins!
ITU Writing Center Resources Useful resources about writing paragraphs and essays in the ITU prep program.
Academic Writing A selection of advice and example sentence structures for academic writing.
AWE for iOS

AWE for Android

A very detailed app for learning about academic writing.

Listening Try to type the words of a popular song while listening to it. Choose the level that’s right for you. Works best on a computer (not a mobile device).
elllo A wide variety of short listenings with transcripts and comprehension questions.
Listen a Minute 1-minute listenings with quiz questions and other activities.
BBC Six Minute English A weekly podcast for ESL listening practice from the BBC. Each podcast includes vocabulary help and a reading text.
VOscreen Watch and listen to short clips from movies and TV shows, choose the right English paraphrase text or a Turkish translation. Many options to choose by level, grammar focus, length, etc. Created by an ITU graduate!
Voice of America Learning English VOA has intermediate level short texts with listening related to the current news of the world.
TED Talks “Ideas worth spreading.” Authentic English presentations on a huge variety of topics. Reading texts and subtitles available for most of these videos. Listen and join the conversation in the comments area.
TED-Ed Video lessons on a wide variety of topics with comprehension and discussion questions. English subtitles available if needed.
All Ears English Regular 10-15 minute podcasts for American English conversation and IELTS practice.
Voice of America Learning English VOA has intermediate level short texts with listening related to the current news of the world.

Study Techniques

Study Timer This timer tool can help you keep your study/break time in balance.